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The Bank is the Government’s primary provider for promoting industrial, agriculture and commercial development,facilitating participation in approved enterprises while stimulating and enhancing the economic development of The Bahamas. The Bank serves a wide and diverse population with its clientele being drawn from all levels of the Bahamian society and throughout the archipelago. The Bank is mandated to provide financing for economically viable projects that:

  • Create employment
  • Utilize Bahamian materials and resources
  • Reduce imports and increase exports
  • Introduce new technology and skills
  • Promote prosperity for all Bahamians

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How is BDB different from a commercial bank
How is BDB different from a commercial bank

We are the National Development Bank of the Country and based on our mandate we are driven to catalyze economic development rather than making a profit. Financial Sustainability is important so that we can continue to lend.

What kinds of services does BDB offer?
What kinds of services does BDB offer?

In addition to our Sectoral Development Projects, BDB offers a wide range of tailored financing options including equity and import/export lending. We also offer Executing Agency Arrangements for a wide range of clientele.

Where does BDB operate
Where does BDB operate

Our offices in Freeport and Nassau support development across the entire archipelago

Who does BDB lend to?
Who does BDB lend to?

BDB lends to Bahamians only. Companies with foreign minority partners are also eligible for limited financing under certain conditions


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