NASSAU, BAHAMAS — For entrepreneurs who may be looking to cultivate industrial hemp, if and when government gives the go ahead, Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) and the Bahamas Development Bank the (BDB) executives said the entities are open to providing funding for such ventures.

During the Abaco Business Outlook, Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre executive director Davinia Grant said: “Once the government opens up, we’re ready. It’s just another business. It’s not on a do not fund list. We started a process here with some stakeholders in New Providence before COVID came where we were exploring the economic impact. We’re here to support all entrepreneurs as long as it is not on a do not fund list.”

Sumayyah Cargill, head of BDB’s Strategic Development Unit, added: “It’s another type of agricultural product and the BDB would absolutely provide funding.”

Grant, referencing entrepreneurial opportunities on Abaco also noted the significant demand for housing.

“We know there is a significant housing demand that needs to be filled,” she said.

“For us real estate businesses are not excluded from the SBDC program. I think there are at least 200-300 government employees that need housing. You are talking about people with a steady flow of income.

“If you do the modeling you can put together packages. If you’re a real state developer or if you have some personal land land in Abaco and want to solve this problem you can. We need rental units. If you want to come to the SBDC and want to start a rental unit business we are open to that,” said Grant.