About Us

Our Strategy

The Bahamas along with the rest of the United Nations member countries recognizes that economic development must also consider the needs of the environment and people along with financial prosperity. The Bank has integrated international frameworks for development including the Sustainable Development Goals into our strategy. The 17 SDGs consider climate change, financial inclusion, gender equality, quality of work and environmental sustainability as part of development. Our strategy focuses on the twin pillars of financial sustainability and development impact.

Achieve Financial Sustainability


The Bahamas Development Bank has historically struggled with inefficiencies that threaten financial health. Our 5 year plan restores the bank to fiscal health and modest profitability. This will be accomplished by growing the portfolio and expanding our product lines.

Maximize Development Impact


The role of a Development Finance Institution is very different from a commercial bank. Over the next 5 years The Bahamas Development Bank will have measurable impact on economic prosperity, resilience, financial inclusion and other key areas of focus. This will be accomplished through targeted sectoral development and portfolio management.

Principal functions

The Bank is the Government’s primary provider for promoting industrial, agriculture and commercial development, facilitating participation in approved enterprises while stimulating and enhancing the economic development of The Bahamas. The Bank serves a wide and diverse population with its clientele being drawn from all levels of the Bahamian society and throughout the archipelago. The Bank is mandated to provide financing for economically viable projects that:

  • Create employment
  • Utilize Bahamian materials and resources
  • Reduce imports and increase exports
  • Introduce new technology and skills
  • Promote prosperity for all Bahamians

The Bank’s fundamental purpose therefore is to assist with the industrial growth of The Bahamas by providing financial assistance in key areas.

Funding Areas