Current Vacancies

Thank you for your interest. We have no vacancies at this time but encourage you to remain updated.

Worker Documentation

Pre – employment
Every applicant must submit the following items to Human Resources prior to further consideration for employment on any terms or reemployment at the Bank.

Government Issued ID

Employment Form and Available Opportunities

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The Bahamas Development Bank is a Statutory Corporation and with the exception of those persons who are on secondment from the Public Service, employees of the Bank are NOT Public Servants. The Board shall approve from time to time, the salary scale of each post in the service of the Bank.

Equal Opportunity Employment
Employees are hired based solely on THE BAHAMAS DEVELOPMENT BANK personnel requirements and the qualifications of each individual candidate.
Discrimination due to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation or disability is not permitted. Any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of this policy should be directed to the Human Resources department.
Familial Employment
THE BAHAMAS DEVELOPMENT BANK does not normally allow immediate family members and relatives of employees to be considered for employment. However, consideration may be given provided they are qualified for the position and no conflict of interest will exist. Hiring decisions at the executive level will be normally made by the Board acting on the advice of Executive Management of which Human Resources is a part.