Sectoral Development

The role of The Bahamas Development Bank is to catalyze sustainable economic development.  Our Strategic Development Initiatives (SDI) incubate growing industries with large untapped potential through targeted support in specific economic sectors. SDI combines financing and training with collaboration from diverse stakeholder groups to facilitate, a coordinated, measurable effect on each of the sectors selected. These initiatives:

  • Facilitate import substitution and or/ increased exports through production and commercialization of natural resources and national brand products
  • Finance and facilitate projects that support national development initiatives
  • Increase the amount of and empower entrepreneurs for success
  • Promote economic development in specific sectors and specific regions of The Bahamas
  • Generate earnings and returns for shareholders and investors

Sectoral Development recognizes and supports Sustainable Development Goal accomplishment through interventions to reduce poverty, increase financial and/or gender inclusion, and build resilience. These initiatives rely on natural resource exploitation and sustainable use forms of a cornerstone of all programs.

According to the strategic roadmap 2018, the targeted sub sectors are

  • Renewable energy
  • Natural resources
  • Agriculture marketing and distribution
  • Poultry production
  • Cascarilla bark processing
  • Cottage industries
  • Coconut oil processing
  • Marine resources
  • Southern Bahamas economic development plan
  • Cultural tourism
  • Tourism
  • Fly fishing industry
  • Intellectual property
  • Information technology