Green Economy

According to The United Nations, the green economy is “low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive”. It focuses on reduced carbon emissions and pollution, enhanced energy and resource efficiency, and prevents the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Investments in economic activities, and infrastructure should incorporate green principles.

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Green Economy in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is committed to implementing a diverse range of green programs particularly in the energy sector.

The country implemented The Bahamas National Energy Policy in 2013 which sets the framework by which alternative sources of energy will be explored, inclusive of renewable energy and conservation measures; in an effort to reduce the importation of fossil fuels and lower its greenhouse gases emissions in order to shrink it carbon footprint.

BDB’s Green Economy Projects

The Bank has incorporated green principles into strategic plans to reflect the focus on the advancement of Sustainable Development Goals.

The Renewable Energy Program aims to expand national use of alternative energy by providing financing to support solarization.

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