MSME Financing Center

The Bank has historically supported MSMEs throughout the archipelago with funding inclusive of the following projects/activities:

  • Purchase of moveable fixed assets; for example machinery and equipment (new and used)
  • Expansion and/or rehabilitation of existing enterprises
  • Construction of commercial structures (expansion or modification)
  • Permanent working capital as part of the project under consideration

To further support economic development in the Bahamas, we have expanded our product line to include the following areas.  If you are interested in financing in any of the areas below, please visit this link to apply.

BDB offers loans of $5,000 – $15,000 to grow and expand start up and existing businesses.  Visit this link to apply.

RCF offers periodic short-term funding to non-construction customers to assist in contract fulfillment.

The Bank guarantees small financing amounts through overdraft facilities with commercial banks for BDB clients. Guarantees can be used to make up for shortfalls in non-permanent working capital. This facility can be granted based on cash flow adequacy.

The Bank offers letters of credit for customers that need to acquire fixed assets but wish to mitigate their risk of not receiving the specified items.

This facility offers short term funding to Bahamian contractors to support the fulfillment of construction contract opportunities that would not be secured otherwise.

The Bank offers an equity financing option to projects that have material economic benefit or growth potential but the project sponsors do not have the capacity to assume the required debt financing, particularly during the initial stages of the business.

When a project is outside BDB’s risk exposure limit but has significant economic benefit to The Bahamas, the Bank may coordinate such funding with reputable financial institutions and private investors.

The Bank can purchase specific assets to be leased to clients who would otherwise not have the capacity to access those items.