The Bahamas Development Bank with private concerns, proposes to establish the Community Poultry Project in the interest of supporting small scale broiler production as a viable industry. As part of the community poultry program, BDB proposes to develop a Central Poultry Unit (CPU) and to provide lending for between 7 3000 capacity (about 3000) grow houses in a pilot project on Nassau. The CPU will be manned by highly trained staff in live production and animal nutrition that offer training, coordinate input logistics for the grow houses, provide technical support, market and sell the birds. It will also sell chicks to non-affiliated growers and offer processing as a service to growers who may have a very small number of birds. Once established, it will move into Phase II, extending sales of consistent feed, chicks and assistance to growers in the Family Islands. The Bank will therefore more easily be able to lend to smaller poultry growers as the CPU can provide the support infrastructure that ensures good outcomes. The CPU will have a board consisting of shareholder representatives as well as management representatives.